Rejuvenating & Structurally Aligning Muscles & Fascia to Facilitate Relief, Cultivate Results & Foster Living

Life Pain-Free.

COVID-19: I have been trained in Sanitation Protocols mandated by the state of MA 

PLEASE Mindfully read through the COVID standards, protocols , and requirements prior to your session. 

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My Bodywork sessions combine a spectrum of manual therapeutic modalities intended to treat acute & chronic pain patterns, increase mobility, & reduce stress-tension.

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I have been trained in all required protocol precautions mandated by the state of Massachusetts.

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Availability Pricing at Studio Helix

Massage & Bodywork Techniques & Modalities

  • Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Therapy

  • Myofascial Release Technique

  • Cupping Technique

  • Sports Massage & Thai Massage 

  • Positional Therapy

  • Craniosacral

  • Area-Of-Primary-Focus Sessions: to address specific chronic/acute postural and repetitive-motion-stress pain patterns

  • Personalized Exercise/Mobility Pain Management Sequencing: Yoga & Pilates

Virtual Classes

Yoga & Pilates for Pain & for Life on ZOOM

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Pilates for Injury Rehab

For the sake of efficiently meeting your personal goals

& effectively unraveling that complex machine of yours

my intake process is intentionally detailed

Initial Intake Sessions

are required to be scheduled for 90 minute sessions 

90 minutes @ $90