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Bodywork client on table

Currently not accepting new clients.

Rejuvenating and structurally aligning muscles and fascia for pain-free living.

Bodywork client


Cordelia Mckusick has been a student of the healing arts since 2009. She specializes in deep tissue modalities & myofascial techniques, often ‘prescribing’ yoga & pilates for home care to address repetitive motion syndrome(s), postural imbalance, nagging lifestyle tension, shoulder/jaw pain, and even surgical joint recovery.


Massage & Bodywork
Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Therapy
Myofascial Release Technique 
Sports Massage & Thai Massage
Cupping Therapy 
Positional Therapy 
Therapeutic Movement Strategies 
Pilates Instruction
Restorative Yoga
In-Studio and Virtual Classes 
Private and Semi-Private Classes

Bodywork client
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